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Washing Guide

To ensure long lasting service of Abaya al Khaleej products, kindly take a minute to read below washing guideline:
  1. Do not Bleach
  2. Dry Clean/Hand wash
  3. Hand wash them separately in cold water using delicate detergents that won’t wear down the material.
  4. For the drying process, skip the machine dryer and let your Abaya air dry. Tossing your Abaya into the dryer will expose it to extreme heat, which will cause the fabric to shrink and the colours to dull.
  5. Be extra careful while pressing out creases. Put your iron or steamer on the lowest heat setting and always make sure you’re ironing out wrinkles while your Abaya is inside out.
  6. Store your Abayas neatly in your closet and out of direct sunlight to prevent the colours from fading.